Bonnie Stone | Ashburnham Real Estate, Westminster Real Estate, Templeton Real Estate
Dear Bonnie,
I wanted to let you know how much I loved working with you.  You’re the best agent I ever had. 
Thank You so much!
Always Miriam
We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in helping us in buying our first home.
You went above and beyond and we greatly appreciate all your hard work in the process. You are a fantastic realtor and we enjoyed working with you!
Thank You Again.

Grace, Elemer and myself want to thank you for helping us with the search for our home, through the financing process and up to the close.
You’ve been of tremendous help and we really enjoyed working with you. Thank You Again.

Much Love,

We could not have had such a wonderful experience buying our first house without you! You went above and beyond in every aspect of helping us- even after the purchase was complete. You are truly an amazing realtor and I am so lucky we had a chance to work with you.

Bonnie is an "i" dotter and a "t" crosser. She was very thorough in all aspects of the sale of our house. She had great advice on contractors and other local information. There were no unpleasant surprises during the sale process. Thank you for everything, Bonnie! 
Highly likely to recommend | 12/07/2016 – Richard Troop
My first experience with Bonnie was calling her about a listing her office had. She told me the house had been taken off the market for a couple of weeks and she would let me know when it came back on. Having been ignored by a couple of agents lately, I was skeptical. She called a week later to tell me that the house was still off the market but she didn't want me to think she'd forgotten me. Wow! She called as soon as the house came back on. The other amazing thing she did was, AFTER the closing, she texted me to tell me we forgot to call the utility company to have the electric switched over. She could have just considered her job over. That was a life saver!
Highly likely to recommend | 11/29/2016 - Rhondamag
Bonnie is absolutely wonderful! I worked with Bonnie in 2005 and 2016 when buying a new home. She was professional, friendly, helpful, extremely fast with responses and very patient. She gave me excellent sound advice about each home we saw to help me make an informed decision. She went to bat for me and supported me throughout the entire process including some very difficult negotiations with a nervous seller. I cannot recommend Bonnie more highly!!!!!!
Highly likely to recommend | 07/11/2016 - slkbrennan
By far an amazing realtor! I was recommended to Bonnie by another realtor (who is also a family friend) for the area I was looking to purchase. I was a first-time home buyer and Bonnie couldn't have made it any easier for me. She kept me updated with anything and everything and was he perfect advocate for me throughout the process. I would HIGHLY recommend her for any sale and if I ever need to buy/sell I would call her in a heartbeat. 
Highly likely to recommend | 07/10/2016 - KATIEFOURNIER18
Bonnie was great to work with. She handled every detail in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely recommend Bonnie to anyone looking for a Real Estate professional! 
Highly likely to recommend
I have been working with Bonnie for my real estate experiences for the past ten years. She helped me purchase my first home and made the experience enjoyable and easy for a first-time home buyer. She is helping me now sell my current home and is incredibly reliable, knowledgeable, professional and highly responsive to my overall needs. She always knows the local market and is able to discuss it at length with you on a personal level. More Less 
Highly likely to recommend | 04/08/2016 - tarabrennan47
Bonnie Stone was excellent!!! I would refer her to anyone. She's very knowledgeable, always on time and super friendly. She even took pictures of the things that needed to be fixed on our rental home so we can't be blamed for it when we're ready to move. 
Highly likely to recommend | 04/08/2016 - sthomas1126